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This is last years selections - we will be adding to this once our seed selection is complete.  The update should occur around the beginning of February.

We buy most of our seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds of Maine.  They have a tremendous selection and very high quality seeds including some heirloom varieties.  Below you can find some of the specific varieties that we grew for 2011. Click on any image or link below to visit their web site and get more details and a feel for what to expect...   I enjoy looking at the pictures of their beautiful vegetables when its 20 degrees outside!

I hope you all understand that in some cases our veggies may not be quite as perfect and beautiful as these model pictures - though we'll do our best.........


Sugar Snap Peas


Nelson Carrot


Bolero Carrot


Kennebec Potato

Anton Squash


Diva Cucumber


Suyo Long Cucumber


Gonzales Cabbage





Nancy Lettuce


Green Forest Lettuce

Cherokee Lettuce




Ace Peppers


Habanero Peppers

Dafel Tomatoes


Striped German Tomatoes


Juliet Tomatoes


Sun Gold Tomatoes


Genovese Basil


Calypso Cilantro





For more - visit Johnny's Selected Seeds.