PostHeaderIcon What's a CSA? It's us growing a garden for you!

Community Supported Agriculture is a popular and rapidly growing method of buying locally grown produce.  When you particpate in a CSA program........ 

  • You will get the freshest produce possible at reduced cost by buying direct from the grower 
  • You are supporting diversified local agriculture, reducing the ecological cost of food production and transportation 

Join the CSA Program!

Fresh and Efficient

We put a lot of care into delivering the freshest healthiest vegetables available.  We grow on some of the best farmland in Maryland, with rich organic soil and clean well water. Our produce is always picked and delivered within 24 hours. 

Real food is more expensive to produce then industrial food products so we try to manage production costs and use an efficient delivery system - the farm is less then 25 miles from our distribution points, which helps minimize our ecological footprint.  Locally grown organic agriculture is healthier for us, and our environment.  

This year we expect to provide the following crops: Heirloom tomatoes, sugar snap peas, corn, kale, melons, beets and radishes.  Peppers -hot and sweet, beans, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, kohlrabi, cucumbers, lettuce, and other leafy greens, and onions, garlic, cabbage, turnips, pumpkins and a few other late season surprises.  You will get an email of what is coming each week, it will be whatever crops we have when they are ready to harvest.   Depending on timing and  weather you will receive an average of 5 to 10lbs of vegetables a week from the first or second week of June through the middle of October - about 18 weeks.  The cost  is $430.00  for members that pick up at the farm and $440.00 for members that pick up from our drop sites  .  Please go to the "sign up" tab to join.  Send us an email or call the number below if you have any questions.

Please go to the CSA info tab for produce drop sites and schedules.

 We welcome you to come out to the farm.  We have volunteer days during planting season, or let us know when you want to visit- Call 410-925-0962 to schedule a time.